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MASSIVE AUDIO EQM 1/2 DIN, 4 band ALL-IN-ONE Media EQ, USB, MP3, AUX, 1/4" Inputs

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Now shipping the new 2013 Massive Audio “EQM” half din “All-In-One Media Center” that is keeping up with 21st Century’s media demands. The EQM will allow for easy MP3, USB or M.I. Cable connections. This one of a kind EQ will be perfect for Karaoke or P.A. Systems in a Car, Boat or Tour Bus. Also included are front and rear faders, master volume, sub, low, mid & high and AUX controls.

“This EQM from Massive Audio has everything you need to control and “vortex” your sonic needs. The EQM even has a ¼ inch front mounted AUX Input with independent volume control so a customer can plug in a microphone or play guitar in their ride, bus or boat.” Says Craig W Bremner, Massive Audio National Sales Manager.

The Massive Audio 2013 “EQM” features include:
•Three Bands of Equalization- Low, Mid & Hi
•Separate Controls for 8v Line Driver
•Each Frequency is Adjustable from -12dB to +12dB
•Subwoofer Control out @ 130 Hz @ 18dB is Adjustable from -15dB to +15dB
•RCA Auxiliary Inputs
•Level Matching Controls for Rear & Front AUX
•USB Input with Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Replay Controls on Faceplate
•3.5mm Input for iPhone / MP3
•¼” Input Instrument Jack with Independent Mixing Control