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Pakken indeholder
Ford Transit Custom Installation Kit. Supplied With Nebula Piano Optic Double DIN Fascia, CAN-Bus Steering Wheel Control Interface, FAKRA Antenna Adapter & Universal Patchlead *Note - Additional OEM Parts From Ford Required - 1799698 Jewels Lamp/Passenger Airbag Warning (If Passenger Airbag Fitted) or 1832265 Card Holder (If No Passenger Airbag) & 1519127 Hazard/Door Lock Switch
Ford Transit Custom (FAC/FDA) 08/2012 - 06/2016*
Ford Transit Tourneo Custom (FAC/FAD) 08/2012 - 06/2016*


connector: 24 Pin Ford
connector: AMP monitor connector > OEM monitor
connector: OEM monitor connector > interface
connector: OEM AUX > RCA(m) red/white

vehicles with steering wheel OK and/or speech button
vehicles with OEM display
vehicles with CD player under the display
vehicles with SYNC: SYNC function not supported
vehicles with OEM navigation > interface functions partly not compatible

deactivate SYNC functions and BT before installation
SYNC function emergency call is deactivated with BT function

avoid malfunction of display vehicle settings:

switch off retrofit HU
press the voice dial button for a maximum of 2 seconds to enter the settings
make settings only as described in the manual

in case of malfunction in setting mode:

set again after CAN Bus shut down

display connection may need to be extended

Following signals are provided:

Reimported vehicles or vehicles with different software may be incompatible in functions.

red: +12V ignition clamp 15
orange: +12V illumination clamp 58
purple/white: +12V reverse gear signal
pink: speed pulse signal
green: GND park brake signal

load capacity total outputs: 100 mA max.

current requirement more than 100 mA:
1 relay coil resistance 75 Ohm min.
2 relays coil resistance 150 Ohm min.


PDC chimes rear supported
chimes supported
vehicle settings supported

*vehicles with Euro5 emission standard
**vehicles with Euro6 emission standard SWC Ford different vehicles 24Pin USB/AUX > item: 42sfo018*vehicles without display SWC Ford different vehicles 24Pin without display > item: 42sfo015