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Varenr.: 241000-05-1
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ISO hul fylder bruges hvor der har været en dobbelt ISO (hulhøjde ca. 113mm) radio og man nu ønsker sig en 1. DIN radio. Denne model er med læbe og kan kun bruges hvis der ikke er midtersprosse i 2 din rammen.

Pocket for 2-DIN facia plates

Pocket for converting a 2-DIN facia plate with 2 DIN metal frame and facia plates with 2-DIN cut out to 1-DIN HU

Use case:

2-DIN facia plates with 2-DIN cut out with dimesions: H = 113 W = 185 mm
2-DIN facia plates with 2-DIN metal frames with dimensions: H = 113 mm W = 183 mm
2-DIN facia plate ISO universal / 113 mm x 183mm > item: 381320-00

This pocket supports the inductive charging with Inbay®

Made in Germany 5 Watt*

This pocket supports wireless inductive charging of smartphones using INBAY®

All INBAY® products work with the worldwide established Qi-standard for wireless charging.

All smartphones certified by the international Wireless Power Consortium are compatible with INBAY®.

Compatible smartphones with charging power at the following link:

INBAY® meets the following technical specification:

ECE mark of conformity 10R - 05 14145
EMV Norm VW80000 / TL-965
FOD - "foreign object detection"

INBAY® in the vehicle:

No interferences with the vehicle bus system
No inteferences with the vehicle electronics
No interferences with audio reception AM/FM/DAB+


connector: ISO(m) > ISO(f)

by using a CAN Bus Interface > connection: +12V switched power ignition clamp15 to fusebox fused

there must be no metallic objects between the charging unit and the smartphone

protective covers must not contain any metallic components

Charging current:


*in the case of smartphones with a quick charge function, depending on the apps used parallel with charging, it may only be possible to maintain the charge status