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Varenr.: MXT.v3 15 D2
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Designed for SQPL Applications

15" / 38cm - 2x2Ohm - 33kg
5000 RMS / 12500 W
3" CCAR 6L Alu Flat Spule
1000oz Y35 Dual Stack COMP Motor
MD=275mm ID=362mm OD=395mm
Dual Composite black linear Spider
8GA Terminal - 10GA Dual Tinseal
White stiched 70:5 HDR Surrounds

MXT in the 3rd generation leaves all proven roots and opens a new chapter for new successes and new stories. Where GEN2 had transferred the GEN1 to the present with a new basket and new soft parts and a newly developed 4-layer High-temperature voice coil was implemented, the GEN3 goes far into the future with a completely revised version a completely new motor, new 6-layer COMP voice coil, short ring technology and a completely new idea.

But any comparison with the GEN2 is unfair, as the GEN3 fighting class, with almost 6kg more weight, has outgrown any comparison and is therefore placed somewhere completely different. Instead of simply making the subwoofer heavier with more ferrites like most “no design idea” subwoofers on the market, our new GEN3 engineering broke all previous revision records and required a lot of patience from us over more than two years of development. Not an ounce is without performance and form comes from function.

After these many extra miles have been covered, we can now proudly make an unfair comparison and find an average increase in engine power across all models of +/- 40% compared to its GEN2 and GEN1 predecessors. This alone explains why MXT GEN3 is a stand-alone, unparalleled and has been awarded the COMP rating.

If you take into account that these results were achieved with a higher moving mass due to the heavier 6-layer coil winding, the pure motor comparison can be rated even higher. Furthermore, this 6-layer thick aluminum flat wire coil also generates a stronger magnetic force field on its top ventilated aluminum carrier, thereby expanding the bandwidth with a lower FS and significantly increasing the electrical load capacity of the MXT GEN3 COMP series with its winding strength. The design sends its greeting card from the future of the car audio competition and is a result of our philosophy of constantly questioning everything and putting it to the test. To take nothing for granted and to look for possible new answers.

The biggest MXT GEN3 surprise for most people is probably the larger 2 instead of 3 smaller Y35 ferrite rings. This makes it easy for a visually blinded consumer to overlook the wolf in sheep's clothing at a glance. Performance does not come from show & shine or spectacular 4 or more rings or anything else in a fast food restaurant. Achieving performance and then dealing with it correctly was the mission to make good things even better. So for the translation by controlling the higher forces, on what is still a 3" coil platform, we are using short ring technology exclusive to subwoofers for the first time and are presenting the entire work in an incredibly sexy way in a new carbon dress. This symbolizes our COMP attitude and the competition for which this series stands and thus fits into the EXCURSION COMP family.

Many may ask why no carbon Cone ? These have now become widespread, both real and fake, and usually with increasingly noticeable Surrounds. Remember our philosophical approach above. Be assured, we tested that too and it didn't get us anywhere. Since we wanted to underline this decision with humor, we instead considered making our baskets and mounting rings of the GEN3 in carbon dress, which of course complements our carbon dust cap very nicely. But we are not spoilsports either and will also include optional carbon Cones in our range in the future so that we can offer everyone the full carbon package according to their wishes.

Since 2014 EXCURSION offer a praxis born range of Loudspeaker, Subwoofer and Amplifiers based on 30years of experience and engineering. Design, Innovation and Improvements are sourced from all those Challenges of the Car Audio Competition Associations all over the world. This selection of leading and winning high technology route direct into our product lines in order to offer a wide range of consumers Know How and Value which they could usually not access. With german leadership in the global production our authorizied EXCURSION factory partners leave no doubt to meet standards we as german brand are expected for.

Next to an unbeatable Price Performance the praxis form follow function philosophy mirror the prior target motivation of EXCURSION. Everything of past and presence is taken into doubt first, in order to get rethought with all its Details again for a further improve in result. Those results like compact mini sized high technology SMD or CHIP built car audio amplifiers who can meet military standards in caftmansship or new age Plug & Play concepts going through all steps in the line of amplifier till speaker, keeping always flexbile ENERGETIC upgrade improvements or optional upgrade with professional multichannel DSP or BlueTooth connection for a lossless High End streaming via your personal Smart Phone.

With selection of the highest technology global factory partners we at EXCURSION follow and guarantee a tradition of value and exellence for our products. This without mark ups to our car audio customer for horrible marketing and lobby pampering expenses or any half naked women in order to attract more than the value or performance those products mostly can have. We believe or challenge start after you have closed your eyes, after installation & purchase and be asured we love to get compared .... and even more if you comment and let us know about your judging.

EXCURSION …is all you need