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Varenr.: BMW10CN-U
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High-end plug & play 2-way center system for various BMW models in the "N-basket" (content: 1 tweeter + 1 midrange speaker). The finest and perfectly matched materials, construction know-how from over 40 years of loudspeaker construction, German industrial design and manufacturing quality Made in Germany - this is what the UG BMW ULTIMATE series stands for. Perfection in every detail: Innovative die-cast aluminium basket through to the specially developed carbon fibre fleece sandwich cone, polished and anodized pole and base plates with a large core hole for the best possible ventilation, strong neodymium magnet, precisely fitting connection plugs with decoupled plastic terminals and a precisely fitting sealing flange. The set also includes 28 mm (1 1/8") hand-coated fabric tweeters with coupling volume and ventilation with strong neodymium magnets in the smart installation dimensions of the original tweeters! Optimized omnidirectional characteristics and increased compression ratio thanks to new dome geometry and new, optimized contact protection. Made in Germany.
Tweeter28 mm (1 1/8")
midrange100 mm (4")
Impedance4 Ω
Nominal power (RMS 30 W)
Music power 60 W
Sound pressure level 86 dB
Passer til: Modeller med center i forvejen eller til udbygning.
1 serie
f20 5 dørs
f21 3 dørs
f40 5 dørs
2 serie
f22 coupe
f23 cabriolet
f44 gran coupe
f45 active tourer
f46 gran tourer
f87 m2
3 serie
e90 limo
e91 touring
e92 coupe
e93 cabriolet
f30 limo
f31 touring
f34 gran turismo
f80 m3
g20 limo
g21 touring
g28 limo
g80 m3
4 serie
f32 coupe
f33 cabriolet
f36 gran coupe
f82 m4
f83 m4 cabriolet
g22 coupe
f23 cabriolet
5 serie
e60 limo
e61 touring
f07 gran turismo
f10 limo
f11 touring
g30 limo
g31 touring
6 serie
e63 coupe
e64 cabriolet
f06 gran coupe
f12 coupe
f13 cabriolet
g32 gran turismo
7 serie
e65 limo
e66 limo l
f01 limo
f02 limo l
g11 limo
g12 limo l
e84 suv
f48 suv
f49 suv l
f39 suv
f25 suv
g01 suv
f26 suv
g02 suv
e70 suv
f15 suv
f85 suv
g05 suv
e71 suv
f16 suv
g06 suv
z4 e89
mini med top hifi fra fabrik
f56 3 dørs
f55 5 dørs
f54 clubman
f57 cabriolet
f60 countryman

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