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Varenr.: KS 300.4
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The KS amplifiers are a totally "out of the box" rethink of what an amplifier can be. By taking a proven but underutilized Pro Audio amplifier class and bringing it up to date with modern components we can achieve uncompromising sound quality in a compact chassis that makes installation in even the most challenging cars and trucks a breeze.

Switching to a higher class. Class G and Class G/H amplifiers offer the best of all possible characteristics. Power output, distortion, efficiency, heat, noise, size are all class leading specs with this design.

Why does this class or amplifier perform so well? It's built for music not test tones or noise. Class G/H works with the dynamics of music not against then. When an amplifier is playing music even at full volume, due to its dynamic nature, it is really only working above 1/2 power about 10% of the time. You only need full power during the very loud passages like the impact of a drum or the pluck of a bass string. The rest to the time your 700 watt amp is making less then 350 watts. That's where the KS amp's Class G/H comes in. It's like having 2 amps in one. A 400 watt amp that can be a lot smaller and makes a lot less heat that in a fraction of a second becomes an 800 watt monster. The trick of making this work is striking a balance between switching this high power section on and off. It takes the years of experience Nikola Engineering has to achieve this delicate balance.

◾ 4-Channel full range amplifier
◾ Advanced microprocessor control system
◾ Non digital class G/H switching design
◾ Code based flashing diagnostics
◾ Designed By Robert Zeff
◾ Protection against: Reverse voltage, Over Voltage, Speaker Short, and Thermal Overload
◾ Can drive highly reactive loads
◾ Optically isolated Mosfet power supply
◾ Quiet Internal Fan cooling

4 Channels @ 4 ohms 90 Watts
4 Channels @ 2 ohms 175 Watts
2 Channels @ 4 ohms (Bridged) 350 Watts
2 Channels @ 2 ohms (Bridged) Not Recommended
Frequency Response 5Hz - 50kHz
Crossover Range 55Hz - 5.5kHz Variable
Bass Boost 18dB @ 45Hz
S/N Ratio 95dB
Input Sensitivity (Low) 200mV - 3.5V
Max current draw 85A @ 800 Watts 1% THD
Idle Current 1.14 Amp
Dimensions 11.25" (L) x 8.0" (W) X 2.375 (H)