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ARC AUDIO Black 4.0

Varenr.: Black 4.0
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The attributes and documented success of a high end company doesn't stop with one line of product. With the defined success and merit of the ARC Audio Signature Edition amplifier line by Robert Zeff ARC Audio has joined forces with some of the worlds leading pro audio speaker engineers to develop and introduce the ARC Audio Black Series.

The Black Series speaker line is designed with focus placed on transparency, performance and natural reproduction of music the way it was intended to be heard. With over 27 years of audiophile speaker engineering design behind this line the Black Series offers only the purest, smoothest and most dynamic un-timbered sound available in the car audio industry ultimately creating the finest audiophile speaker to ever hit the car audio market.

The ARC Audio Black Series speaker system delivers users an exceptionally reliable no compromise design with every consideration taken in choosing only the finest and most advanced acoustical materials available for such a prestigious speaker offering. From hand picked, a 5 stage quality control and speaker testing process including Visual, loaded and unloaded dynamic frequency response testing, mechanical parameter verification, and musical response testing and ARC Audios exclusive speaker matching process the Black Series speaker line will give you the finest resolution and transparent sound available of any speaker in its class.

◾ Designed and engineered in Denmark by leading audiophile speaker design engineers
◾ Audiophile design specifically for the car audio environment
◾ Precision machined glass fiber voice coil formers for ultra low mechanical loss and extraordinary dampening control
◾ Low Shore TLS injected rubber composite surround
◾ Symmetrical compliance custom progressive woven Nomex spider
◾ Open vented rear spider and voice coil assembly eliminates back wave compression increasing the speakers linearity and stability at a wider frequency bandwidth
◾ CNC precision cut extended copper capped pole piece assembly minimizes modulation distortion and varying voice coil induction significantly increasing bandwidth, speaker transparency and transient response
◾ Laminated Pulp/Bamboo fiber reinforced cone gives the Black series an ultra low moving mass greatly improving the speakers sound quality and the ability to react efficiently to dynamic music passages without cone break up or distortion at high volume
◾ Precision would voice coils and a multi stage adhesive tempering process allows for improved power handling even over ultra high demand periods
◾ Black series voice coils undergo a 4 stage progressive temperature tempering process increasing the coils thermal rating to an industry leading 260 degree Celsius
◾ All black series speakers undergo an extensive 5 stage testing protocol allowing every driver to be verified to meet or exceed ARC Audio technical specifications across the entire published bandwidth of the speaker
◾ Black series speakers are sold in Matched pairs or in full component systems
◾ Black series speakers include CNC cut MDF speaker rings for custom installations or even just as spacers for door installations

Midrange Diameter 4.0"
MR Power Handling (Peak) 120 Watts
MR Power Handling (RMS) 60 Watts
MR Frequency Response 105Hz - 8kHz
MR Sensitivity 87.5dB
MR Impedance 4 ohms
MR Basket Material Hi Pressure Cast Aluminum
MR Cone Material Pulp/Bamboo Fiber
MR Surround Low Shore TLS Rubber Composite
MR Spider Material Sym Progressive Nomex
MR Motor Structure Multi Step CNC Precision cut
MR Copper Shorting Plug Yes
MR Voice Coil Machined Glass Fiber/Copper