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Power cable

Made in Germany

acv power cable made in Germany according to DIN/ISO standards for high-quality electrical installations in vehicles.

In contrast to the frequently used installation cables with conductor material made of copper-plated aluminium with poor electrical and inadequate mechanical properties, our cable offers the highest conductivity with the lowest electrical resistance for optimum current flow through the exclusive use of conductors made of 99.9 % pure copper.

Likewise, the excellent mechanical properties of the copper ensure optimal contact reliability with low contact resistance by crimping or soldering.

Technical data:

Insulation according to ISO 6722-1:
Material: lead-free soft PVC
Shore hardness: approx. A89

Colour according to ISO 6722-1:

Conductor according to DIN 13602:
material: soft annealed electrolytic copper Cu-ETp1/CW003A bare
nominal cross-section: 4.0 mm²
outer diameter: 4.0 mm +/-0.2 mm
strand diameter: 2.54 mm max.
single wire diameter: 0.305 mm
number of single wires : 52
resistance : 4,8 Ohm/km 20°C
copper number: 38,4 kg/km

diameter: 170 mm
hole diameter: 32 mm
width: 38 mm
cable length: 25 m