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Vibe Deltebox

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Designed for multi amplifier systems, the VIBE DeltaBox allows a single stereo output from a conventional head unit to be split 3 ways without any signal loss. In fact it offers the facility to boost the split signal up to a level of 9 Volts whereas most head units have an output level of 2-4 Volts as standard.

The device offers a single gain control with LED level indication combined with attenuation controls for each of the outputs. This allows the DeltaBox to become the heart of any multi-amp configuration, multi-subwoofer, SPL, competition or multi-full range.

The DeltaBox is capable of driving amplifiers harder without distortion when compared with standard low level head unit outputs. Low current drawing active circuitry allows the unit to offer a very high quality clean signal prior to amplification. Y leads may split the signal but the DeltaBox splits and boosts the signal.