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Varenr.: M-MS64,3
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German Maestro MS64.3 3-Way Highend Compo

The ultimate sound

experience without compromise

With the GermanMAESTRO M-Line, you get the concert hall, the festival stage, the unplugged-gig and all your other favorite songs directly into your car – in a breathtaking quality.

The M-Line represents the top end product you can get from GermanMAESTRO right now. All the knowledge about speaker engineering and all the experience and skills in manufacturing high-end loudspeakers are combined in this product.

The result is a high-end audio system in an impressively high series production quality, which is usually just known for products coming from small manufactures. Proudly, we manufacture this high-end audio system in our factory in Obrigheim, Germany. All build parts we are using are strictly selected.

Each driver is handmade with great passion and attention to detail.

After the final assembling, each driver passes a very accurate quality control with precise frequency response measuring to ensure that each M-Line system which is leaving our company will sound a 100% like the series reference sample and thus have a constantly high sound quality.

In order to achieve an outstanding sound performance and a surprising high power handling, we are using several exclusive technologies which make the M-Line become such a superb sounding and performing audio system.

Most of those technologies have been simulated with the finite element method (FEM), a numerical procedure for solving differential equations. By using this method in combination with a lot of experience, the M-Line is one of the most noble and best performing aftermarket car-hifi systems in the world

As a result, the listener will experience breathtaking fine resolution with amazing attention to detail, an impressive dynamic range with immediate response, a very well balanced tonality over the whole frequency range (28Hz – 32.000Hz) and a very solid sound stage with very precise positioning.

Diameter HT / MT / TT: 40 mm (1.6 ") / 10 cm (4") / 16 cm (6.5 ")

Principle: 3-way component system

Power handling: 90 W RMS / 295 W Max.

Transmission range: 28 - 32,000 Hz

Transient Frequency: 209 / 2.35kHz 12dB octave

Impedance: 4Ω