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Products, made for „Makers“
The GermanMAESTRO EPIC-line convinces by the extreme wide range of possible applications. the EPIC-line provides the comfort to conveniently switch the installation-scenario from a component installation with the tweeter placed at a random position to a coaxial installation with woofer and tweeter on same axis.
The magnetic lock system allows you to mount the tweeter in the center of the woofer with an easy hand grip. .

Another specialty of EPIC-line is the extremely compact titanium-dome tweeter ET 20 WS with no more than 0.8”/20mm dome diameter. Regardless of this very compact size, this tweeter in MegaSphere™ technology is still very SPL capable and has a very fine sound reproduction and is also available as a separate upgrade-kit.
The special feature of the ET 20 WS is its excellent resonance and radiation behavior combined with an extremely high load capacity and the ability to achieve a sound pressure of more than 100 dB. Equipped with an inverted titanium dome tweeter and driven by a neodymium high-performance magnet, we are thinking of building the world's best series-produced tweeters for vehicle applications with the ET 20 WS

For experts who want to upgrade an existing high-quality system, these tweeters are also available separately as the "ET 20 WS" upgrade set.

The mid-woofer of the STATUS series uses cone diaphragms made of the highest quality polypropylene, driven by 25 mm flat-wire voice coils wound on edge. These oscillating systems are embedded in exclusive two-part speaker baskets made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic with a sophisticated cooling system made up of ventilation plates and heat-conducting magnet covers.

The STATUS performance crossover with CTC technology (Concerted Termal Compensation) is equipped with selected components and, like the M-Line crossover, has the innovative rotary switch for adjusting the high frequency level. In conjunction with the highly flexible MultiMOUNT fastening technology and the bi-amping / wiring connection option, the crossover offers functions that go far beyond what is usual in the class.

Diameter HT / TT: 20 mm (0.8 ") / 13 cm (5.25")

Principle: 2-way co-axial / coaxial system

Power handling: 50 W RMS / 165 W Max.

Transmission range: 52 - 30,000 Hz

Impedance: 4Ω

Transition frequency: 4,000 Hz (6/12 dB / oct.)

Sensitivity: 86dB (2.83V / 1m)