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Varenr.: pxa p6
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6 Kanal dsp til direkte iso montering eller ved brug af t-kabel. HUSK AT KØBE PXI KABEL. Kort kabel ved montering under indstrumentborrd eller langt kabel ved montering under bagsæde eller bagagerum. Se herunder.

6CH ISO DIN PLUG DSP (excl. harness = PXI )
4CH High Level Input up to 15V Signal from headunit
2CH Bluetooth Input up to 3.5V Signal from Smart Phone/Tablet
6CH RCA 4Volt PreOUT (0.5m) for Car Audio Amplifier
Auto Turn ON/OFF Function
REM OUT with up to 10sec. delay adjust
REM IN for stand alone use without headunit
BT Ready via optional BlueTooth Dongle = BTD
BT Audio priority Mode with wireless Remote Controle.
Lossless BT Audio SQ-Module Design using CSR, effect the audio signal
route direct to DSP without modulation D/A to A/D for best audio resolution.
4x 30 W/RMS 4Ohm @ 14.4V for stand alone without headunit use
FRD Chip Technology - 4Ohm stable. Four layer circuit board design.
Intelligent protection circuit design: Short-circuit, Overload, High Temp.
Professional PC tuning software with full function plattform.
Run configuration wizard“ mode for rapid configuration, simply, clear.
3 different Setup Presets can be switched in real time instantly.
Wireless full function Remote Controle. Synchronizing remote controle
with smart phone player when smart phone Bluetooth plays music.
LxWxH mm 96 x 85 x 38mm

PXA P6 DSP Software available via FREE Download @ or on seperate purchase via EXCURSION UXB 16GB (USB Memory) with EASCA Competition CD Bonus Tracks.

NOTE: on seperate purchase, according your demands, PXI BTD, PXI 6 (1.8m) or PXI 15 (4.5m) ISO DIN Plug to 20 POL wire harness ensure fast and easy OEM Plug installaon of PXA P6. ISO DIN is the industrial standard in the OEM. A standard to meet most car Plug adapon or via another car specific to ISO Adapter. Therefor, according demand, PXI QLA (QuadLock Adapter) is one kind to OEM Plug most of the latest car models. For your individual demands please ask your authorizied EXCURSION retail specialist.

Plug EXCURSION Smart OEM DSP Series offers the simplest possible installation for an almost unlimited range of options, amplifier configuration or even your most ambitious audio goals in your most private of all rooms. PXA P6 is an evolution of your standard OEM car radio down to the most professional car hi-fi levels, while maintaining a full rebuilt capability of OEM origin. The PXA P6 is equipped with a 6-channel digital audio signal processor which immediately after the "PLUG" can immediately change any existing plant at "PLAY" and instantly create a BlueTooth audio connection for your music in the highest lossless quality Smart phone or tablet allows. All configuration is conceivable, as well as operation without a radio control unit. Switched via ignition and only with BlueTooth audio signal, operated via the included remote control, all other types of mobile 12V applications from motorbike to motorboat or quad to buggy come into question.

- 1 PXA P6
- 1 Remote Controle
- 1 USB to PC Cable
- 6 CH RCA Pre Out Cable
- Owner Manual

Since 2014 EXCURSION offer a praxis born range of Loudspeaker, Subwoofer and Amplifiers based on 30years of experience and engineering. Design, Innovation and Improvements are sourced from all those Challenges of the Car Audio Competition Associations all over the world. This selection of leading and winning high technology route direct into our product lines in order to offer a wide range of consumers Know How and Value which they could usually not access. With german leadership in the global production our authorizied EXCURSION factory partners leave no doubt to meet standards we as german brand are expected for. Next to an unbeatable Price Performance the praxis form follow function philosophy mirror the prior target motivation of EXCURSION.

Everything of past and presence is taken into doubt first, in order to get rethought with all its Details again for a further improve in result. Those results like compact mini sized high technology SMD or CHIP built car audio amplifiers who can meet military standards in caftmansship or new age Plug & Play concepts going through all steps in the line of amplifier till speaker, keeping always flexbile ENERGETIC upgrade improvements or optional upgrade with professional multichannel DSP or BlueTooth connection for a lossless High End streaming via your personal Smart Phone.

With selection of the highest technology global factory partners we at EXCURSION follow and guarantee a tradition of value and exellence for our products. This without mark ups to our car audio customer for horrible marketing and lobby pampering expenses or any half naked women in order to attract more than the value or performance those products mostly can have. We believe or challenge start after you have closed your eyes, after installation & purchase and be asured we love to get compared .... and even more if you comment and let us know about your judging.

EXCURSION …is all you need