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ATOMIC QT10D 2x2ohm

Varenr.: qt10d
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- 600Watts RMS
- Audiophiles Sound Quality
- Cast Aluminum Basket
- Excellent for small sealed Enclosure.
- Capable of reproducing low
- Frequency down to 30Hz with accuracy.
* Rigid Die cast aluminum basket
* Organic long fiber non-pressed cone body for accurate tight bass
* Curvilinear Kevlar reinforced cone body
* Extended neck joints on cone, coil and spider strengthen the integrity of moving structure for high power capacity
* Butyl rubber surround heavy duty and forever lasting.
* Compressed mounting ring gasket
* vented coil for extra heat dissipation
* 2-1/2 inch high temp aluminum voice coil
* extended, machined cut one piece back plate
* Powerful 1 inch thick 90 oz high energy magnet
* 2-1/2 inch long excursion motor structure
* integrated heavy duty lead wire on spider prevent short circuit and melt down
* dome shape dust cap design
* low carbon front and back plate
* Vented magnetic gap technology
* Laser etched, machined and chromed back plate

FS 30,33 Hz
SPL 89,5 dB
Sd 0,033
Bl 10,43
Xmax 8,75 mm
Dvc 65 mm
Qms 4,87
Qes 0,258
Qts 0,245
Vas 52 l
Cms 336
Mms 78 g
Dia. de découpe 23,5 cm
Prof. de montage 14,4 cm
2-1/2 inch voice coil
sealed enclosure - tight bass - 1.2 cubic ft, transient lower bass - 1.60 cubic ft
ported enclosure - tight bass plus - 1.20cuibc ft, 8 square inch port opening with 8 inch depth, transient lower bass 1.50 cubic
ft with 8 square inch port opening 12 inch port depth
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